Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We have been busy learning and encouraging our youth - and a few adults - to find their ancestors names that need to have temple work done for them. On Sunday I made announcements in priesthood opening exercises and young womens: told them about this site and offered a home-baked treat to the first 5 youth who left comments. There was a rush to write down the address, and several were bugging friends to teach them how to comment on a blog. Fun!
Sunday evening our stake Family History Center director gave instruction to new, and some longterm, ward family history consultants. (One ward had 4 new people just called that day- way to go!) I finally printed out the "Family History Consultant's Guide to Temple and Family History Work". It is well organized and very helpful. Evidently fhc's need to print this out for themselves.
Our ward now has about 48 names ready for our youth to perform baptisms during their youth conference in March. Many of these are supplied by adults, but I feel our young people have been touched by the enthusiasm of those participating; and by the knowledge that each one of them, when ready, can tap into the resources on and find and prepare their own names for work. I am completely confident that we will continue to interface with the youth (possibly more on the family level) and support them in their growth. Honestly, we have such wonderful young people, who could hold them back!