Saturday, January 28, 2012

My first assignment: it's a big one! My High Priest group leader & my new fellow family history consultant and I will be helping the youth of our ward to find and prepare 5 of their ancestors names to take to the temple in mid March - for the stake youth conference.

Our plan is to start with a fireside tomorrow night in our chapel. I will be navigating through the lds youth family history pages, introducing everyone to the steps necessary to find and prepare a name. (I learned about a new fun program I used to make a powerpoint, just in case we cannot get online. It's called Jing. It captures [takes pictures] of web pages. So if you can't get online, you can show the pages and present information about them. Nifty!)

Next step will be to meet with the youth individually during their activity nights. We'll bring laptops and assist them in any way needed. I look forward to this. I recently served in YW and our youth are fabulous!

Today we attended a presentation by a stake family history specialist. She is amazing -knowledgeable and a good teacher. She showed us the process her ward is using to reach the stake goals. Lots of helpful info and some great handouts - including a checklist the youth can use to help them git 'er done. When she emails these to us I will post them.

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